They Say Internet Advertising Is Broken: We Say Let’s Fix It

They say that because of two trends: AdBlocking and fraud.

AdBlocking is growing because Ads are intrusive and annoying. Inappropriate advertising detracts from the value of published content and drives users away, or they eliminate advertising altogether using AdBlocking tools. When this happens, both advertisers and content publishers lose revenue. But advertising that is relevant and unobtrusive can be welcomed by end users. This presents an opportunity for the curation of appropriate content to increase revenues for the entire digital advertising value chain, including the network operator, as well as provide end-users with more suitable content.

Fraud and other wastage costs $8 billion per year and fake traffic accounts for $4.6 billion of that. And Ads are increasingly a vector for malware such as ransom demands. The contract between internet users and content providers that content is lower-priced or free because the publishers make their profit through advertising is not being honoured.

Fraud and adblocking together threaten the advertising revenue funded internet model.

AdKlicker is a patent pending technology that operates within a private network at the network edge closest to the end user. It uses knowledge of the user’s context to curate advertising to ensure it is appropriate, blocks malware masquerading as advertising, defeats most forms of AdBlocking and massively improves Ad visibility.

Appropriate advertising works better and is worth more.

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